Eligibility Test

Was our quote the last and final quote you received?



Terms & Conditions

1. An authentic copy of the quotation must be provided to us and be deemed by us to be a legitimate quotation. Generic emails such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Live etc with the quotation listed only in the body of the text will not be accepted. Quotations must be formal and include all business details including the ABN, business phone number and all relevant details allowing us to ascertain the authenticity of the company or business providing the quotation.
2. This offer will not be applied if we have already provided the lowest quote when compared with all other quotes submitted.
3. All quotes received after the date and time of our submitted quote will not be considered as part of this offer.
4. It is up to the sole discretion of the company directors and/or senior management of (Virotek Pty Ltd) to determine whether or not the company will proceed with works at the lower adjusted price point.
5. Prices are subject to change unless 'fixed price' agreements have been implemented and for a set period of time.